2018 Triangle Show Series Year End Results

2018 Triangle Show Series Year End Results

Dressage Results

Introductory Level

Junior –           Reserve: Rachel Eiseman, Ivanah MBF

Junior – Champion: Sarah Kelley, Annie                       

Adult Amateur – Champion: Jessica Gilardi, Second Tango              

Open – Champion: Danni Toscano, Tito                         

Masters -Reserve: Robin Spitzenberger, Golden Snitch

Masters -Champion: Terry Tucker,Celtic Harlequin

Training Level

Junior –           Champion: Seline Stoop, Ivy                                 

Adult Amateur – Reserve: Ami Hilton, Skip-n-Nicki

Adult Amateur –        Champion: Carly Thompson, Yellow                             

Open – Third: Danni Toscano, Harvey

Open – Reserve: Danni Toscano. Tito

Open – Champion: Kris Poole, Fames Rebellion                                

Masters – 3rd: Kay Anderson, Lane Four

Masters – Reserve: Jennnifer Carl, Savannah

Masters – Champion: Kathy Davis, Sassy

First Level

Junior – Champion: Elise Conner, Aloysius WF                       

Open – Champion: Danni Toscano, Harvey                              

Masters -Champion: Jennifer Carl, Savannah

Western Dressage

Introductory Level

Open – Champion: Kelsy Peterson, One Quick Cat

Basic Level

Masters – Champion: Betty Lewandowski, Echo

Basic Level – Musical Freestyle                            

Masters -Champion: Betty Lewandowski, Echo


Pee Wee Division

3rd – Maddie Harvey

Reserve – Kayla Harvey

Champion – Hayden Herrman

Junior Division

3rd- Cameron Ross

Reserve – Hayley Clark

Champion- Paige Chudnofsky

Senior Division

4th – Tori Wilson

3rd – Brianna Trimmer

Reserve – Emily Hart

Champion – Madison Boxler


6th – Emily Hart

5th – Madison Boxler

4th Jessica Silver

3rd – Paige Chudnofsky

Reserve – Brianna Trimmer

Champion – Hayley Clark


Division 1 – X- Rails

Reserve – Polar Express, Cole Rineer

Champion – Leaks Dale Flicka, Bella Biddle

Division 2 – 2’ – 2’3”

6th- Azulyekit, Samantha Maroko

6th – Head Over Boots, Katherine Maroko

5th – Military Mike, Natalia Holmes

5th Artic Blast, Angelina Holmes

4th Stone Cold Loco, Hannah Gillis

3rd – Jiminy Cricket , Anne Lane

Reserve – Benito, Cammy DeFeo

Champion- Will You Dance, Elizabeth Bechtold

Division 3 – 2’6” – 2’9” Ponies

Champion – Prince Charming, Maria Dipierro

Division 4 – 2’6” – 2’9” Horses

Champion – Timber, Grace Bresh

Division 5 – 3’3”

Champion – Shoot Me To The Moon, Eliza Herman

Hunters & Equitation


5th-Giuliana Facciolo

4th- Cyndal King

3rd- Hannah Johnson

Reserve- Olivia Ondrik

Champion- Savannah Hunter King


8th- Savannah Hunter King

7th- Sarah Stephens

6th- Ashby Lawrence

5th- Julia Whiteman

4th- Hannah Johnson

3rd- Delaphine Petruccelli

Reserve- Sage Booher

Champion- Sophia Atwood


7th- Ashby Lawrence

6th- Sarah Stephens

5th- William Slater

4th- Sarah Kelley

3rd- Delaphine Petruccelli

Reserve- Bella Biddle

Champion- Sophia Atwood

Short Stirrup Equitation Winners

6th- William Slater

5th-Sarah Kelley

4th- Bella Biddle

3rd-(tie)- Hayley Clark

3rd- (tie) Lilly McMicheal

Reserve- Rory Wells

Champion – Lucy Horowitz

Beginner Rider Winners

9th- Rachel Eiseman

8th-Maddie Waltz

7th- William Slater

6th- Sarah Kelley

5th- Rory Wells

4th- Savannah Booher

3rd- Darby Nagle

Reserve- Kathryn Berkner

Champion- Cassidy Wells


10th- Hailey Hilton

9th- Alexis Manfredi

8th- Abbey Green

7th- Danielle Botial

6th-Seline Stoop

5th- Haley Kuffel

4th- Morgan Bristow

3rd- Cassidy Wells

Reserve- Marianna Campbell

Champion- Jennifer Cook

Pleasure Pony Winners

8th- Rockowich Chip N Dale ridden by Darby Nagle

7th- Nadirah ridden by Morgan Bristow

6th- Rolling Stone ridden by Rory Wells

5th- Pepperjack ridden by Hayley Clark

4th-Dr. Seuss ridden by Cassidy Wells

3rd- Milk Dud ridden by Lucy Horowitz

Reserve- Christmas Angel ridden by Hailey Hilton

Champion- Haymar’s Sassafras ridden by Kate Tatum

Junior Equitation Winners

11th- Abbey Green

10th- Samantha Maroko

9th- Seline Stoop

8th-Angelina Holmes

7th-Madison Houghton

6th- Danielle Botial

5th- Grace Bresch

4th- Cammy Defeo

3rd- Jennifer Cook

Reserve- Sydney Pelairck

Champion- Brianna Trimmer

Open Equitation Winners

11th- Seline Stoop

10th- Samantha Coe

9th – Jessica Silver

8th- Hannah Gillis

7th- Monica Mason

6th-Katherine Maroko

5th- Caroline Maroko

4th- Madison Houghton

3rd- Grace Bresch

Reserve- Kate Tatum

Champion- Sydney Pelairck

Hunter Horse/Pony Winners

12th- Snow Squall ridden by Samantha Coe

11th- Stone Cold Loco ridden by Hannah Gillis

10th- Malice in Wonderland ridden by Caroline Maroko

9th- Ninja Nekia ridden by Jessica Silver

8th- Viernes Pompano Pete ridden by Madison Houghton

7th- Timber ridden by Grace Bresch

6th- (tie)- Island Pal ridden by Grace and Kami Bresch

6th- (tie)- Head over Boots ridden by Katherine Maroko

5th- Benito ridden by Cammy Defeo

4th- Sneaks N Cleats ridden by Sydney Pelairck

3rd- Jiminy Crickett ridden by Anne Lane

Reserve- Miles River Adalida ridden by Reed and Monica Mason

Champion- Rockapella ridden by Kate Tatum

Signature Class

9th- Samantha Coe

8th- Jessica Silver

7th –Madison Houghton

6th- Sydney Pelairck

5th- Katherine Maroko

4th- Grace Bresch

3rd- Caroline Maroko

Reserve- Kate Tatum

Champion- Monica Mason

Margaret T Healy Memorial Challenge

10th- Samantha Coe

9th- Hannah Gillis

8th-Jessica Silver

7th- Caroline Maroko

6th – Madison Houghton

5th- Katherine Maroko

4th-Grace Bresch

3rd- Monica Mason

Reserve- Kate Tatum

Champion- Sydney Pelairck

Adult Rider Winners

3rd-Monica Mason

Reserve- Steph Bewley

Champion- Kate Tatum

Pleasure Horse Winners

3rd- Tuff as Beans ridden by Haley Kuffel

Reserve- Dark Knight Rising ridden by Katherine Berkner

Champion- Pride’s Hot Promise ridden by Brianna Trimmer

Western Winners

4th- Paige Chudnofsky

3rd-Devon Hart

Reserve- Arianna Cordrey

Champion – Hayley Clark

Baby Green Hunter Winners

9th- Daddy’s Promise ridden by Lauren DeSantis

8th – Stanley Steemer ridden by Emily Hart

7th- Azulyekit ridden by Samantha Maroko

6th- Bannock ridden by Steph Bewley

5th- Haymar’s Sassafras ridden by Kate Tatum

4th- Apollo ridden by Brianna Trimmer

3rd- Desvelo ridden by Marianna Campbell

Reserve- Cruise Control ridden by Jennifer Cook

Champion- Havanna ridden by Tanya Emslie

Off the Track Throughbred Winners

6th– Bannock ridden by Steph Bewley

5th- Dark Knight Rising ridden by Danielle Botial

4th-Stone Cold Loco ridden by Hannah Gillis

3rd- Apollo ridden by Brianna Trimmer

Reserve- Azulyekit ridden by Samantha Maroko

Champion- Ninja Nekia ridden by Jessica Silver

Overall High Point Winners

Overall Junior High Point Rider for the Series:

Brianna Trimmer

Overall Adult High Point Rider for the Series:

Kate Tatum

Perfect Attendance

Olivia Ondrik

Sophia Atwood

Sage Booher

Lilly McMichael

Brianna Trimmer

Hailey Hilton

Sydney Pelairck

Jennifer Cook

Kate Tatum

Anne Lane